4 Amazing American Sealants Inc. Projects

American Sealants Inc., Inc. (ASI) is known worldwide for its installation, maintenance, and repair of custom water features. ASI projects are on display in zoos, aquariums, and museums of some of the most widely known places on earth. With clients such as SeaWorld and Disney, it is no surprise that the list of fascinating projects is long and impressive. Let’s look at four featured projects that we think are worth noting.


During this project, American Sealants Inc. helped set and seal a sizeable acrylic tunnel piece into the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. This structure houses multiple types of fish and mammals for millions to see and enjoy. This incredible tunnel is an unforgettable installation to the attraction.


Jane’s Carousel sits between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. American Sealants, Inc. helped to form the structure that protects this beautiful carousel. Two sides of the exterior are composed of acrylic windows to form the world’s largest folding doors. The other two sides include large, specially designed acrylic panels made to withstand hurricane-force winds and extreme temperature differences while also making the entire project visible at night.


American Sealants, Inc. created the impressive fountain at the entrance of the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. Tough acrylic “walls” make up the circular fountain’s inner and outer portions, which feature a stunning, perpetual infinity-edge. Notably tricky to complete due to Cleveland’s extreme weather conditions, the completed project is now a crowd-pleasing feature of the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center.


Utah’s Hogle Zoo was founded in 1931 by the Hogle family. When they were ready for a new addition in 2012, ASI became part of the Zoo’s master plan in constructing “Rocky Shores.” Rocky Shores features various animals, including seals, sea lions, polar bears, and brown bears. The experienced staff of American Sealants, Inc. was responsible for the reliable glass panels that sit between zoo visitors and nature.

Trusted by over 100 zoos, theme parks, cafes, and aquariums around the world. American Sealants, Inc. is known for its contributions to thousands of breathtaking attractions experienced by millions of people each day. American Sealants, Inc. positively influences communities by leaving a legacy of impactful experiences that impress and entertain for a lifetime. To view more of their work from around the world from the convenience of your device, please visit the American Sealants Inc. projects page.

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