About The Team


Step into the vibrant world of Team ASI, where passion, adventure, and a strong sense of family define the essence of who we are. We are more than colleagues; we are a tight-knit community that thrives on camaraderie and mutual support, both within and beyond the realms of our profession.

Our team is fueled by an unbridled love for adventure, manifesting in the dynamic spirit that propels us forward. Whether conquering challenging projects or embarking on personal odysseys, the contagious enthusiasm within our team is the driving force behind our collective success.

At ASI, we have carefully nurtured a distinctive culture where each team member is not just an integral part but a cherished member of our extended family. We revel in each other's victories, embrace the excitement of new challenges, and steadfastly stand by each other, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends the workplace.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we unveil the remarkable tapestry woven with talent, dedication, and the familial warmth that sets Team ASI apart as an extraordinary collective!"

Employee 07


Director of Sales and Marketing
With us for 6 years

Meet Josh, our dynamic Director of Sales and Marketing! With 6 years of dedicated service, he brings a winning strategy to the team. When he's not closing deals, you'll find him acing disc golf courses he designed himself. A true foodie and travel enthusiast, Josh explores the world for hidden culinary gems. Despite the ups and downs, his loyalty to the Broncos remains unwavering—because real fans stick with their team, no matter what!

Employee 9


Field Foreman
With us for 15 years

Meet David, our seasoned Field Foreman with an impressive 15-year track record. Beyond his expertise in the field, David is a connoisseur of tea, sipping on blends from around the world. When he's not leading the team, he channels his crafty side, handcrafting knives and creating beautiful leatherwork. Known for his thoughtful gestures, David loves surprising others with heartfelt, handmade gifts. His passion for exploring different cultures shines through, and in his downtime, you'll find him diving into the depths, finding tranquility beneath the waves. David: where expertise meets artistry, both above and below the surface.

Employee 11


Administrative Assistant
With us for 4 years

Meet Danielle, our incredible Administrative Assistant, celebrating 4 years of unparalleled organization—tasks seem completed before they even begin with her efficiency! Beyond her exceptional skills, she's achieved a major life goal by becoming a wife and a mom since joining our team, and she excels at both roles. Witnessing her personal and professional growth has been a joy; she's not only mastered the art of organization but also found her voice, becoming more outspoken and confident since her start. Here's to our amazing Administrative Assistant, the heartbeat of our efficiency and a shining example of personal and professional success!

Employee 05


With us since the beginning, 19 years

Meet the heartbeat of our company, a true pioneer since day one—our Co-founder marking an incredible 19 years in January! With a passion for the outdoors, he's not just a Cofounder but also an avid hunter. A lover of adventure, he fearlessly embraces the unknown, trying new things that might scare others. With zero fear, he's a seasoned traveler, exploring the world with curiosity and courage. In addition to his daring spirit, he brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and a unique gift to the table, enriching us all through ASI. Known as the industry's go-to guru, he's the man sought for solutions, questions, and visionary insights. Cheers to 19 years of leadership, fearlessness, and shaping the future!

Employee 02


With us since the beginning, 19 years

Meet Heather, our visionary Co-founder, marking an incredible 19 years with us this January. Heather is not just a leader but a global enthusiast, traversing the world to absorb diverse cultures. In her kitchen, she's an alchemist, turning every meal into a unique culinary adventure, always eager to put her creative spin on new flavors. Heather's unquenchable thirst for knowledge is the compass guiding our continuous growth, and her passion for coaching and mentoring has nurtured a culture of empowerment within our team. A stalwart advocate for health and wellness, she instills vitality into our workplace. Here's to Heather—living proof that creativity, leadership, and a zest for life are the ingredients of our enduring success story.

Employee 01


Project Coordinator
With us for over 4 years

Meet Koal, our Project Coordinator, back with us for the second time and proudly clocking over 4 years in total. A true maestro of humor, he keeps the workplace light and lively. Beyond the office, he's an avid hunter, seamlessly balancing this passion with the art of co-parenting two wonderful kids with grace. In the kitchen, he's a culinary innovator, experimenting with food and showcasing a natural talent for cake decorating. With a keen mechanical mind, he excels at problem-solving, effortlessly identifying what's missing and skillfully correcting it. Here's to our multi-talented Project Coordinator—where laughter, family, creativity, and precision seamlessly converge!

Employee 04

Cody T.

Field Foreman
With us for 6 years

Meet Cody, our dedicated Field Foreman, marking 6 years of outstanding service (7 years  in January 2024!). Passionate about leadership, he's constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance his skills and inspire those around him. Beyond the worksite, he's a family-focused individual, committed to crafting meaningful experiences with his loved ones. An adventurer at heart, he finds joy in exploring new cultures and globetrotting, cultivating a deep appreciation for his roots as a US native working with ASI. Here's to our intrepid Field Foreman, seamlessly blending leadership, family, and a global perspective!

Employee 14


Field Technician
With us for 4 years

Meet Sonny, our dynamic Field Technician with 4 years of dedicated service (5 years in January 2024!). As an avid diver, he finds solace and a true sense of home in the water. His love for animals and the environment goes beyond the surface; he's on a mission to make the Earth a better place than when he was born into it, driven by a deep appreciation for Mother Nature. Quiet and reflective, he keeps to himself, but his keen observation and constant learning speak volumes. Growing up in Hawaii, he takes great pride in his heritage, sharing the richness of his culture with others. From the depths of the ocean to the heights of his commitment to the environment, our Field Technician is a silent force making waves in the best possible way.

Employee 06


Field Technician
With us for 1 year

Let's give a warm welcome to our vibrant Field Technician, Jacob,  marking one year of contagious laughter and smiles this December. With a great sense of humor, he's the sunshine in our daily operations, always spontaneous and ready for a good laugh. On his very first day, he dove into the unexpected with emergency dive extraction training, and to his surprise, he found himself thrilled to be part of a company so deeply committed to safety. A true enthusiast, he brings his passion for sports and MMA to the team, adding an extra punch of energy to our workplace. Here's to our spontaneous, safety-loving, and sports aficionado Field Technician, turning every workday into a lively adventure!

Employee 15


Field Technician
With us for 7 years

Meet Jose, Field Technician, celebrating an impressive 7 years with us. Despite his soft-spoken nature, he's the life of the party, thriving in social situations and spreading good vibes wherever he goes. A proud heritage bearer, he loves sharing the richness of his cultural background with others. An aquatic aficionado, he's not just a diver; he practically lives in the water and rarely opts for a wetsuit, earning him the affectionate title of the 'BTU Man' – a walking heater. His fun spirit and infectious laughter make him the heartbeat of our team. Here's to seven years of expertise, warmth, and laughter with our beloved Field Technician!

Employee 3


Field Superintendent
With us for 9 years

Meet Zach,  our outstanding Field Superintendent, a stalwart with 9 years of unwavering dedication. His love for the outdoors is more than a passion—it's a way of life. Embodying the timeless wisdom of Bill and Ted, his catchphrase is 'be excellent to each other,' a philosophy he lives and breathes. With a heart that embraces diversity, he strives to see things from various perspectives, easily welcoming others into his circle. Ever the adventurer, he's not one to shy away from trying new things or exploring uncharted territories. A true knowledge seeker, he fuels his curiosity by listening to books and podcasts, absorbing wisdom like a sponge. Outdoors, he finds joy in the simplicity of playing disc golf, a perfect blend of leisure and the great outdoors. Here's to 9 years of excellence, openness, and a genuine love for the journey with our remarkable Field Superintendent!

Employee 16


Corporate Coach
With us for 11 years

Meet Ronnie, our extraordinary Corporate Coach, a guiding force for 11 years on our transformative journey. Though not an official part of ASI, his impact is woven into the fabric of our success. A beacon of insight and humor, he's been our compass, helping us evolve into the global company we are today. His client roster reads like a who's who, including NASA, American Express, and the US Air Force. Yet, amidst his impressive professional portfolio, he's more than a coach; he's a dear friend. With wisdom, humor, and a shared history, he's been the silent architect of our growth, turning aspirations into achievements. Here's to our Corporate Coach, a cherished ally in our corporate odyssey, guiding us with laughter, wisdom, and the camaraderie of a trusted friend.

Employee 17


Field Foreman
With us for 7 years

Meet Kyle, our seasoned Field Foreman, boasting an impressive 7 years of expertise. A true outdoorsman, he finds solace in nature, whether he's casting a line as an avid fisherman or diving into the depths. But that's not where his interests end—known for his quirk of embracing the latest gadgets and technology, he's always on the lookout for innovative solutions. His enthusiasm to try the newest things isn't just about personal interest; it's about improving efficiency, teamwork, and making life easier for everyone around him. With a contagious laughter that sees humor in moments others might miss, he brings a light-hearted spirit to our team. Here's to 7 years of outdoor adventures, technological exploration, and laughter with our exceptional Field Foreman!

Employee 18

Cody E.

Field Technician
With us for 4 years

Meet Cody, our dedicated Field Technician, a quiet force with 4 years of commitment to our team. Soft-spoken at first, he unfolds his vibrant personality once you get to know him. In his downtime, he finds solace in the world of video games, cherishing moments of solitude. While he enjoys traveling, his heart lies with his family, often taking breaks to spend quality time with them, especially when working close to their location somewhere in the US. Balancing the demands of the job with a deep appreciation for family, he brings a unique blend of dedication and familial warmth to our team. Here's to 4 years of quiet excellence, virtual adventures, and heartfelt family connections with our exceptional Field Technician!