Aquariums: Top 3 Health and Life Benefits

By American Sealants / April 2, 2021 /

As a child, you probably loved taking trips to the nearest aquarium with your family. What’s not to love about being able to see the most exquisite underwater animals ocean life has to offer? Being up close and personal with nature is a one-of-a-kind experience, but not everyone immediately realizes the benefits of being around…

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beautiful water feature

Tips to Consider When Creating Custom Water Features

By American Sealants / February 19, 2021 /

Here at American Sealants, Inc. (ASI), we understand the importance of creating a magnificent water feature. Whether looking for something to spruce up your custom pool or create a customized water feature for your client or business, we are committed to using our experience to make sure that the process is effortless. Custom water features…

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Acrylic Vs. Glass: Why is Acrylic Better for Your Underwater Project?

By American Sealants / February 5, 2021 /

Here at American Sealants, Inc., we provide a variety of services. We promise we will listen and use our years of experience to create whatever dream you have for your zoo, aquarium, pool, outdoor or indoor space. One of our specialized services is acrylic supply and installation. We specialize in delivering and installing acrylic, and…

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custom swimming pool

5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Swimming Pools

By American Sealants / January 1, 2021 /

Having a custom swimming pool is quite an investment. Here at American Sealants Inc. (ASI), we want to help you customize the pool of your dreams without all the stress! Since we specialize in acrylic supply and installation, you are guaranteed to have the perfect custom swimming pool for your home. Our team will ensure…

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aquarium and animal exhibit

Best Practices for Aquarium and Animal Exhibit Maintenance

By American Sealants / December 18, 2020 /

Launching and maintaining an aquarium is no easy task. Trust us — we get it. Knowing the essentials of keeping up with the cleaning, filtering, and fish is key to having a happy tank. Your aquarium’s upkeep should be relatively simple and include regular water changes, filter service, and water testing. Whether you’re getting ready…

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4 Amazing American Sealants Inc. Projects

By American Sealants / December 4, 2020 /

American Sealants Inc., Inc. (ASI) is known worldwide for its installation, maintenance, and repair of custom water features. ASI projects are on display in zoos, aquariums, and museums of some of the most widely known places on earth. With clients such as SeaWorld and Disney, it is no surprise that the list of fascinating projects…

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custom pool

6 Custom Pool Features You Need

By Nadja Jauregui / November 20, 2020 /

When you reminisce about a grand party or a nice vacation getaway, the odds are that it probably involved an excellent swimming pool. It’s time to amp up your backyard and add some extra flair. You want your guests and kids to enjoy your backyard. American Sealants, Inc. (ASI) will nail down every detail into…

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glass install

Four Timeless Glass Install Ideas

By American Sealants / November 6, 2020 /

Some beautification projects call for continuous replenishment of base materials — think landscaping or interior home decor. With landscaping, many home or business owners uproot all existing fauna and flora annually, then replant and rearrange their outdoor space to reflect current planting trends. The lifespan of window treatments and other interior home decor experience a similar disposable association. When the Pantone Color Institute announces the Pantone Color of the Year each December, many interior designers will convince their…

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Concrete Waterproofing

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Concrete

By American Sealants / October 2, 2020 /

Cracks in concrete are virtually impossible to avoid. Even when concrete is poured and cured correctly, it will form imperfections over time. If ignored, these small cracks can quickly grow larger and become ten times as expensive to repair. It is essential to attack the problem before it gets to be a cost and time-consuming…

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FRP Tanks

5 Benefits of FRP Tanks

By American Sealants / September 4, 2020 /

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks

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custom pool

3 Ways to See if You Need Underwater Leak Repair

By American Sealants / August 7, 2020 /

Pools bring a great deal of enjoyment to life. Waterfalls and pools not only beautify properties, but they also provide relief from the heat, opportunities to exercise, and a great environment to relax and enjoy your friends and family. If you’re a pool person, once you have a pool, you wonder how you could ever…

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