Water Features for Film Production

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World Class Water Features for Film Production Design

When you have a specific vision for a film, you'll stop at nothing to make that vision a reality. But when budgets, deadlines, and logistics come into play, things can get tricky. At American Sealants Inc. (ASI), we know how crucial it is for a film producer to get that "perfect shot" - and we want to make sure you get it.

From water features, to aquatic tanks, to special effects of nearly any kind, ASI has the innovation skills to fulfill your vision and the track record to back it up.

Camera-Ready Water Features That Impress & Entertain for a Lifetime

From fabrication and installation to maintenance and removal, we provide all of the services you'll need for a beautiful, long-lasting product, every time.

Fabrication, Installation, & Removal

We handle delivery, installation, and removal for glass and acrylic as well as acrylic fabrication for perfect, scratch-free exhibits.


Cracks in concrete are unavoidable and become 10x more costly if ignored. We implement crack injection & cold joint repair to ensure durable, long-lasting concrete.


Tank looking cloudy? Sometimes it's not the water - your tank just needs a polish! We specialize in refurbishing & removing scratches from acrylic and glass viewing panels so they shine like new.

Underwater Leak Repair

We provide onsite inspection and underwater leak repair services for structure surfaces, concrete tank leaks, main drains, viewing panel seals, and filtration equipment.

Silicone Repair

Silicone sealant will begin to crack and leak due to age or being eaten by fish, which is why it’s important to keep it properly maintained. We offer non-toxic silicone repair for tension joints and seals to protect against leakage, corrosion, & scratches.

FRP & FRP Tanks

We provide FRP & FRP Tanks for turn-key, plug-and-play aquarium and water-retaining systems. Touch tanks, large displays, small displays - we do it all!

Get Your "Perfect Shot" Seamlessly & Efficiently

We'll work with you to discuss timeline, budget, and end goals, then use our experience with film special effects to ensure that your "perfect shot" is captured in the most efficient, effective way. Through consistent professionalism, innovative solutions, social responsibility, and unparalleled excellence, ASI guarantees a seamless process with a flawless product, every time.

Don't risk your budget, your production schedule, and even the success of your film with the new kid on the block. Trust the experts at ASI to provide an on-time, efficient custom product that accomplishes your goals and fulfills your creative dream for any film.

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Please provide your name, contact info, and a brief description of your project, and a member of our team will respond within 1 business day to discuss how we can bring your project to life.

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