Four Timeless Acrylic Install Ideas

Some beautification projects call for continuous replenishment of base materials — think landscaping or interior home decor. With landscaping, many home or business owners uproot all existing fauna and flora annually, then replant and rearrange their outdoor space to reflect current planting trends. The lifespan of window treatments and other interior home decor experience a similar disposable association. When the Pantone Color Institute announces the Pantone Color of the Year each December, many interior designers will convince their clients to adjust all interior fabrics and decorative pieces accordingly.  

On the contrary, there is one timeless decorative element that never goes out of style: ACRYLIC. For the aesthetically oriented home or business owner, investing in a stunning, professional acrylic install can mean many years of sparking continuous joy. While the possibilities are practically endless, here are four acrylic install ideas to inspire your next long-term beautification investment. 

Dramatic Custom Water Feature

Your guests will hear it before they see it — the soothing sound of falling water barely detectable as they enter your grand foyer. Upon reaching your great room, they discover a spectacular backlit wall of clear acrylic and flowing water. Is it a contemporary sculpture or an innovative room divider? It’s both, and it’s beautiful. The acrylic install investment you made will outlast countless years of décor trends while being one of the most memorable and talked about aspects of your interior space. Well done, you.

Statement Pool (for a Statement Residence) 

The days of backyard kidney-bean-shaped pools are over. (Thankfully.) Today, discriminating homeowners delve into swimming pool territory that once belonged only to exclusive resorts in exotic locales. Dramatic infinity edges on mountainsides, gravity-defying aquarium elements with tropical fish, and in-pool fire bowls are increasingly popular among custom homeowners. Your personalized acrylic install by American Sealants Inc. (ASI) will make your statement pool stand out from the crowd as you impress and entertain. Want some extreme inspiration? Check out The Tank and HideOut pool complex, which ASI completed recently at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas. 

Wow-worthy Saltwater Aquarium 

A custom home aquarium behaves as an ever-changing piece of “art” as the vibrant colors of tropical sea creatures delight onlookers. Plus, a home aquarium may offer health benefits; some research(1) in human-animal interaction has linked reduced blood pressure and increased relaxation with viewing fish in aquariums. For the aquaria-loving homeowner who has invested in a statement-making home, only the highest quality of aquarium acrylic installation by an experienced water feature specialist such as ASI will do.

Your Very Own Backyard Biome 

If saltwater life doesn’t appeal to you, then a custom backyard wildlife exhibit might be the final touch your unique home design calls for. A sprawling acrylic-enclosed freshwater habitat can be both beautiful and entertaining for you and your house guests. Much like what might be found at an environmental learning center, ASI has the expertise to build a turtle or koi pond with a top view and a clear side view. But don’t stop with water — continue your acrylic-encased nature exhibit with region-specific plant and animal species to create a backyard experience like no other. 

Incorporating acrylic into your home life is no longer limited to windows and shower doors; acrylic is a timeless decorative element with nearly limitless possibilities. If you imagine it, ASI can make it happen. ASI builds and maintains world-class water features and animal exhibits at zoos, aquarium attractions, commercial properties, and private residences. Contact ASI today to discuss bringing your custom acrylic install vision to life. Dare to dream: no question is off limits! 

  1. Reference: Riddick CC. Health, aquariums, and the institutionalized elderly. Marriage Fam Rev. 1985;8(3–4):163–73. 10.1300/J002v08n03_12 [Google Scholar

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