Making your water feature a community asset

The eye-catching, soothing, inviting qualities of public water features are a wonderful way to encourage community members to gather, linger and relax. With a few, easy-to-follow ideas from international aquarium and water exhibit installation experts, you can ensure your fountain, pond or pool becomes a valuable and cherished community attraction.

  1. Recognize the health benefits of your community water feature

Research shows that just being near water has positive effects on both physical and mental health. The gentle, repetitive movement and light patterns ease people into a more tranquil state, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and increasing creativity. Running, splashing water provides a natural soundscape that muffles other voices and noise, and surfaces happy memories of childhood play in pools, streams and sprinklers. So even without the exercise opportunities of a lap pool, providing any kind of water sound and movement will attract more attention, interaction, and make for a healthier community space.

  1. Make it a meeting spot

Water features are natural community-builders. They increase foot traffic, neighborhood engagement, and reduce urban noise pollution. They act as landmarks for way-finding, especially when paths and landscaping draw eyes and feet to the feature. Creating accessible places for people to meet up, whether or not they decide to linger, builds inclusion and connectivity; seating nearby encourages socialization. Consider water features as the backdrop for community building; even simple fountains and pools encourage quiet reflection and conversation in a low-stress environment. 

  1. Protect and preserve its integrity

Water features require proper placement and precise specifications to ensure they are safe, stable, accessible and that water flows and falls exactly the way you envisioned. Expert designers and installers will adapt for the existing environment, geography and climate. They may incorporate light design for a 24-hour, variable, always-impressive effect. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure pumps, lines, drains, and seals operate properly to keep water flowing, cascading and circulating. Any signs of moisture escaping, leaks, drips or pooling water are signs to call in maintenance professionals to avoid costly fixes. Acrylic panels are quickly becoming a standard choice. Compared to glass, they offer significantly higher levels of durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness with less weight, lower installation costs and higher clarity. They are non-porous, UV stable and easy to maintain and keep clean. The use of acrylic panels in water feature design also provides limitless possibilities for shape, size and systems. 

Water features have become an indispensable asset to communities because they help create spaces that are not just livable, but enjoyable and inclusive. They provide a destination for residents to gather, unwind, reflect, play, and socialize. They contribute to the area’s appeal and value. From simple to spectacular, a community water feature can be designed to fit any space and will enhance any environment.

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