Downtown Aquarium Denver, CO, USA

Landry’s Development

In 2005, Landry’s Development purchased Colorado Ocean Journey to remodel and opened the Downtown Aquarium Restaurant. While many of the exhibits remained the same or only needed some touch of there were two main features worked on by American Sealants Inc. during the remodel. The new dining experience and the new stingray touch tank. Clients can now enjoy a fabulous meal and take in a new underwater experience at the restaurant. While people of all ages are sure to enjoy the experience of feeding and touching the stingrays.

American Sealants Inc. removed an existing exhibit and installed 6 new acrylic panels featuring new marine life. The new stingray touch tank was waterproofed to perfection to allow the stingrays to swim without accidental injury.

American Sealants Inc. continues to do maintenance and repair for the Downtown Aquarium. From sanding & polishing and leak repair to waterproofing. On-going glass removal and installation for floor viewing into the shark tank.