Houston Zoo Galapagos Exhibit, Houston Zoo

American Sealants Inc., Inc. (ASI) is known worldwide for its installation, maintenance, and repair of custom water features. ASI projects are on display in zoos, aquariums, and museums of some of the most widely known places on earth. With clients such as SeaWorld and Disney, it is no surprise that the Houston Zoo, located in Houston, TX reached out to ASI to save the day and complete the installation of their newest expansion highlighting the Galapagos region. ASI’s skills and expertise was the perfect choice to get the job done.

ASI repaired the waterproofing of the concrete rebates to prepare them for the awe-inspiring acrylic windows.  Some of the acrylic shapes and size of the windows manufactured for this project created a challenge to get into the building, but ASI did what we do, got the job done, no matter the challenge. Our hard work paid off, and the project continues to move forward.

Here are just a few pictures of the exhibits during installation that show the challenges.

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