Oasis in the Desert, Joshua Tree, CA

Private Residence

American Sealants Inc., (ASI) is known worldwide for its acrylic supply, installation, maintenance, and repair of aquarium & zoological exhibits, water features and pools & hot tubs. ASI projects are on display in resorts, private residences, zoos, aquariums, and museums in some of the most widely known places on earth.

With clients such as SeaWorld and Disney, it is no surprise that the owners of an Oasis in the Desert located in Joshua Tree where it’s all dirt roads and cactus, reached out to ASI to add to their piece of heaven and take their backyard pool to a whole new level. ASI’s skills, expertise and dedication to precision was the perfect choice to get the job done. ASI supplied and installed the underwater acrylic viewing window in this stunning pool with gorgeous views and relaxation space. Our dedication and attention to detail kept the project on time and on budget.

Trusted by over 100 zoos, theme parks, cafes, pool and spa builders and aquariums around the world. American Sealants, Inc. is known for its contributions to thousands of breathtaking attractions experienced by millions of people each day. American Sealants, Inc. positively influences  communities by leaving a legacy of impactful experiences that impress and entertain for a lifetime.