Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri, USA

The Saint Louis Zoo’s McDonnell Polar Bear Point features 55 feet of large viewing areas for visitors to see the polar bears up close. The glass that separates the bears from the visitors is crucial for both the safety of the bears and the viewing experience of the visitors. To ensure that the glass is always clear and free of scratches and hard water build up, the zoo hires American Sealants, Inc. to regularly perform glass polishing on their exhibits. Most recently hired to bring the viewing back to life at the Polar Bear Yes, it’s true, glass can be polished by the experts at American Sealants, Inc.

Polishing glass involves highly trained technicians using special solutions and tools to remove any grime, scratches, or other buildups such as calcium deposits that may have accumulated on the surface over time. ASI is the only company Saint Louis Zoo trusts to perform this task. The ASI technicians carefully polishes the glass by hand, using specialized tools and paying close attention to any areas that may be particularly scratched or hard to reach. This process helps to ensure that visitors have an unobstructed view of the bears and that the bears are not stressed by the presence of foggy, hard to see through glass. Additionally, it also helps to maintain the longevity of the glass. Along with these glass windows, ASI performs maintenance on all the Saint Louis Zoo’s exhibits from leak repairs, to waterproofing and installation of new exhibits.

Trusted by hundreds of zoos, theme parks, cafes, and aquariums around the world. American Sealants, Inc. is known for its contributions to thousands of breathtaking attractions experienced by millions of people each day. Along with their glazing supply and installation, ASI polishes glass and acrylic, and performs underwater leak repairs with their world-class dive team.  Zoos and aquariums use ASI as the one stop shop for all their maintenance needs. 

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