Trail of the Tiger at the Virginia Zoo, USA

Mid Eastern Builders, Inc

The Virginia Zoo has a goal of making their exhibits more “up-close-and-personal” and American Sealants Inc. was there to help. In December 2009, the new exhibit was completed. Through weather challenges and site delays American Sealants Inc. was able to complete the job on-time. When touring the Asia – Trail of the Tiger Exhibit you will see several windows installed by American Sealants Inc. making the large mammals and other species almost “touchable”.

The panels were laminated, low iron, star fire glass, some weighing in at an excess of 3000 pounds. As portions of the exhibits were already complete, a six-foot theme overhang made using a crane impossible. The American Sealants Inc. team installed the panels at an angle, in weather challenges the fall and winter bring. The zoo remained open to the public and was very happy with the final product!