Acrylic Vs. Glass: Why is Acrylic Better for Your Underwater Project?

Here at American Sealants, Inc., we provide a variety of services. We promise we will listen and use our years of experience to create whatever dream you have for your zoo, aquarium, pool, outdoor or indoor space. One of our specialized services is acrylic supply and installation. We specialize in delivering and installing acrylic, and our experts will make it easy to create your vision. Our team will walk you through every step of the planning process to ensure a professional and correctly installed outcome to your satisfaction. Acrylic is often a better option than glass for many reasons; here are a few explanations for why acrylic may be a better fit for your project:

Acrylic is easier to maintain and polish.

One of the significant benefits of using acrylic instead of glass for any water project is that it is easily maintained. We offer acrylic polishing maintenance programs that will keep your project looking brand new, without hassle. We can refurbish and polish an acrylic panel easily and quickly, as it is less likely to crack, hold scratches, or in the worst-case scenario, break because it is stronger than glass. Some glass damage cannot be reversed and leads to expensive replacement or repairs. We offer polishing and maintenance programs for both acrylic and glass, depending on the care required for each project. In the long run, acrylic is easier to work with for most projects.

Acrylic is more versatile.

Acrylic is significantly more versatile than glass. If you have a specific or unique project in mind, it is often not feasible to use glass. Acrylic can be molded and shaped to meet your exact design specifications. Lighter in weight than glass, acrylic is less complicated to install in certain situations. If you are crafting a customized project, especially for a zoo or aquarium, light and visibility are extremely important. Glass requires thick layering to withstand the pressure associated with most builds; the layering results in a slight tint, reducing visibility. Acrylic transmits up to 92% of light visibility, while glass transmits around 80-90%. It depends on the project, but often acrylic will be the way to go to meet your exact expectations.

Acrylic is stronger.

Acrylic panels are stronger and have more durability than glass, so they often last much longer. When exposed to high pressure or strains, it will not shatter like glass; it tends to flex rather than break. Acrylic’s higher impact strength is one of the main reasons it is useful for applications such as deep-sea submarines. When the safety of animals, staff, and guests is at risk, we suggest acrylic use. The thermal conductivity of acrylic is lower due to its composition, making it a better thermal insulator than glass. So, if your project is temperature-sensitive, such as a heated pool or climate-controlled exhibit, it may save you money and time to go with acrylic. Additionally, yellowing due to UV rays is not a concern because we use only the highest quality materials.

Whether you are building a new zoo or aquarium exhibit or want to add a stunning feature to your pool, ASI can create your ideal project from acrylic or glass. Trusted by names like Disney, SeaWorld, and more, our experience speaks for itself. We guarantee the completion date and your satisfaction, so whether you go with acrylic or glass, you can be confident your project will turn out amazing. As we mentioned, we also offer recurring maintenance and polishing programs to make sure your project lasts and always looks great. If you would like to speak with one of our experts to get a quote, plan a project, or check out of maintenance programs, please visit our website today or call (970)-523-6001.

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