Tips to Consider When Creating Custom Water Features

Here at American Sealants, Inc. (ASI), we understand the importance of creating a magnificent water feature. Whether looking for something to spruce up your custom pool or create a customized water feature for your client or business, we are committed to using our experience to make sure that the process is effortless. Custom water features make a statement and establish a unique aesthetic. However, you should consider these things before getting started. We put together these top tips for you to think about when planning your custom water feature.


Starting with where you want the water feature located, it’s crucial to think of the available space. Is the fountain going inside or outside? Do you want the feature to fill an entire area, or have open space? Will the placement be vertical or horizontal? Considering size ratio allows your custom feature to stand out with its environment. For instance, if the water feature is too small, you risk it becoming overpowered by other design elements. Contrarily, unless your water feature is the main attraction, it can end up being a visual distraction if too large. It’s important to know the height, width, and depth that you are working with. This way, you will get the most accurate price when asking for a quote. Plus, it helps the team you hire to prepare adequately for the project itself.

Style and Design

You have a vision in your head that you want to see become a reality. There are many options when it comes to designing. The possibilities are pretty much endless if you have the imagination and the right team to make it happen! Materials such as stainless steel and copper appear in most projects. Stainless steel gives more of a contemporary look versus copper, which yields a more traditional aesthetic. The frame is just the start of your creation. From beautiful smooth glass to colored mirrors, natural stone, concrete, fiberglass, and much more, the options are endless when it comes to designing the look and feel of your custom water feature.

Lighting and Music

Lights create a lovely mood in, near, on, or around the fountain. When designing the feature yourself, you have the freedom to decide on the lighting features. Along with lighting, another additional feature you can consider is music. Museums and zoos with exquisite water features have often added background music by hiding speakers within the feature itself. Incorporating music can help amplify the customer experience, depending on the purpose of the display. Lighting and music are both unique options to consider when it comes to creating a custom feature.

When creating a custom water feature, you want to create something that can impress and entertain for a lifetime. There are many decisions to be made, ranging from the style to the location and ambiance. When working with ASI, we are committed to listening to you, discussing your vision, making recommendations, and setting expectations for the project to come. Contact us today or give us a call at 970-523-6001 to get started on your custom water feature!

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