Create magic with acrylic

Having a water feature on your property is a sure sign of luxury. With recent innovations in design, materials and construction, luxury is evolving into pure magic. Infinity edges, transparent sides, and fluid shapes are appearing in pool designs for elegant homes, public spaces and commercial properties across America. The precision-engineering and durability of acrylic makes impossibly magical designs possible.

Infinity edges are in-demand at luxury resorts, allowing the pool to blend invisibly with a spectacular landscape. More and more designers are incorporating infinity edges into water features for a sleek, elegant, world-class look. One of the most iconic features of modern pool design, the infinity edge creates the illusion that pool has no beginning or end. Unlike glass, which has a green tint that can obscure the vivid blues of a pool, acrylic is crystal clear, allowing for an unobstructed view of the water beyond. And unlike tile, which can be prone to cracking and leaks, acrylic’s durability ensures an infinity edge that is both safe and stunning for years.

The strength of acrylic can make an “above-ground” water feature simply breathtaking. Imagine a tank rising up from the ground, featuring one or more transparent walls. Transparent walls create the illusion of a cube of water floating in air. Transparent walls can be vertical or even horizontal, jutting out over a natural or urban landscape. The water within the acrylic wall will sparkle in sunlight, providing yet another unique effect. It’s also an opportunity to get creative, using bold lighting to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Acrylic is extremely strong and resistant to impact, so it is suitable for safely retaining large amounts of water within.   

Acrylic is lighter and more flexible than glass, providing options for freeform shapes and curves. With trends favoring space-saving designs for urban properties, and variations that invite lingering and more accessibility, acrylic provides the versatility needed to accommodate imagination. Acrylic also opens up endless possibilities for adding special features to a water feature. From waterfalls to fountains, acrylic’s durability and strength support custom features that will last for years. It stands up well to weather variations, saltwater and chemical systems, and UV rays.

When designing a magical pool-scape, expertise and precision are essential to making the dream come true. Experienced professionals will ensure that acrylic features are perfectly measured, cut, and installed to provide maximum safety, beauty and longevity. They must ensure that no gaps exist between the walls and pool surface, which could lead to water seepage or deterioration of materials over time. They know how different materials interact with each other and how to create a waterproof barrier. They also know how to use special tools and techniques, such as using high-pressure water jets to clean and polish the walls or using specialized bonding materials to keep them securely in place.

Precise measurements and pool design expertise is critical for creating an infinity edge. The top edge must be perfectly level to ensure the water flows over evenly, without catching or pooling. This can be a challenge when setting a pool into an uneven plot, and exact calculation is key.

When it comes to designing and installing acrylic panels or windows, experts will consider the rebate, or pocket, in which the acrylic will sit. Some panels are supported on all four sides, some only 3 and in a channel, others are horizontal floor panels allowing people to see up into the pool from the ground or room below. The thickness of the panel itself is determined by the water column, a way of expressing measurements of pressure based on the height of the water and how the wall is supported. Acrylic is so strong it makes the size of the pool irrelevant – it would hold back the ocean as long as the calculations are correct. 

Traditional tiled, in-ground, rectangular water features are making way for the durability, versatility and magical possibilities of acrylic. Sleek edges, transparent sides, freeform shapes and clear views  give these features a stunning and timeless effect, with lower maintenance costs than tile and glass. Acrylic is quickly becoming the material of choice for luxury commercial and residential properties.

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