The Benefits of Zoos

Spending time in nature is beneficial for various reasons, and so naturally, spending quality time at the zoo is just as important. Visiting a zoo provides many benefits to individuals and can improve their quality of life. Zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums annually attract more than 175 million visitors. There’s a reason why so many around the world gravitate towards encountering live animals. ASI has worked with hundreds of zoo exhibits worldwide. We are here to shed some light on some of the benefits the zoo has to offer.

Zoos are Educational

200+ accredited zoos reside in the United States. With over 181 million visitors annually, there’s a significant impact on wildlife education. According to a study by Conservation Biology, zoo visitors increased their knowledge of biodiversity and actions to protect biodiversity. Not only do zoos provide people with the amazing experience of witnessing these animals up close, but they also provide them with knowledge on said animals. Seeing animals up close and personal fosters a sense of understanding and empathy toward wildlife. It encourages people to protect wildlife.

Almost every exhibit includes educational signs about each animal and any threats facing the animal in the wild. There are also signs and posters throughout most zoos that promote ways to get involved and help. Putting a face with the cause makes a more significant impact than traditional marketing. Many zoos also feature keeper talks. Keeper talks are an excellent way for professionals to introduce specific animals and share facts about them. An animal once considered by a person as scary or “gross” has the opportunity to be recognized as a creature with life that needs special care and attention. The younger crowd tends to gravitate toward keeper talks which is a valuable trait. If children can develop empathy for wildlife and become knowledgeable about the subject, they can influence the next generation to care deeply about conservation efforts.

Zoos Save Species from Extinction

Thanks to zoos, numerous species have been saved from extinction and other dangers. Some of the species that zoos have saved include Bellinger River snapping turtles, Amur leopards, eastern bongos, and many more. Many zoos currently endeavor to save polar bears, tigers, and wild African elephants from habitat loss worldwide to further the animal conservation movement. Climate change is affecting habitats worldwide, and there is much that the public can do to turn things around. Zoos provide helpful education about the ramifications of animal extinction and often encourage public participation in (or financial support of) wildlife preservation charities.

Zoos Conduct Research

Often zoos are provided with research grants that allow them to do valuable research on their captive populations to benefit the wildlife populations of the same species. Having a captive population isn’t just for show; it’s a highly beneficial way to get needed information and knowledge on said species. They’re able to monitor them 24/7 and adapt their conditions to best benefit the animal.

It’s best to hold easily locatable animals captive so they can help them in the wild. If zoos were only to keep rare animal populations, it would be nearly impossible to locate and help them in the wild. The research done by zoos helps individuals better understand a species and mitigate threats faced by species. It also helps construct effective breeding programs in a safe environment. The research performed by zoos is critical to the survival of threatened species worldwide and is one of the most considerable benefits the zoo offers.

You Help Each Other

Who would have thought that the zoo was more than just about looking at incredible animals? You’re not only helping the animals out, but they’re helping you out as well. When people feel disconnected from the natural world, the zoo is right there to help bring them back. Understanding the benefits that zoos offer the natural world elevates the experience and creates a drive to help out. Zoos increase your mood and remind you of how small the world is.

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