Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Swimming Pool

Having a custom swimming pool in your backyard can prove to be a valuable asset to your home. However, if improperly handled or planned, it’ll do more harm than good. Next to your house itself, pools are the second most significant investment in your property. For this very reason, you must pay extra close attention to avoid rookie mistakes. Here are some steps that you can take to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Container Material

The container not only holds your pool’s water, but the material it’s made of also determines the longevity and durability of your swimming pool. Concrete is a standard, popular option, but it has limitations such as porosity, resulting in annual draining. Fiberglass is another option that people choose because it tends to be cheaper and low maintenance as it does not require yearly draining. However, it does need monthly vacuuming.

2. Focusing on the Aesthetic

When looking at pictures of pools online, it is easy to get dazzled and blinded by the beauty of it all. You need to keep functionality, care, material, and maintenance in mind when constructing a swimming pool. Besides, your pool will most likely outlive most fads that are trending today. Your future self will thank you if you spend more time thinking about how the pool operates and how easy it is to maintain.

3. Incorrect Location

While many people may believe that any location in your backyard would be suitable for a pool, it is far from the truth. You want to make sure that the designated area for your pool does not have electricity cables, sewer pipes, or telephone cables underground. If your pool contractor is not familiar with the property or the house’s architecture, then the location of the pool may result in chaos. Not only that, but you also want to make sure that your pool isn’t too far away from your house. Mainly, proximity is important for safety and convenience reasons; more details can be found here.

4. Micromanaging

If you’ve hired a reputable, reliable pool contractor (hopefully ASI!), you shouldn’t have to look over their shoulder while they work. Nitpicking will only stress you out and strain your relationship with your contractor. On the flip side, you should not sign the contract and never communicate until the final result. We recommend a healthy medium: you want to be just involved enough in the process to be aware of any bumps along the road so they can get fixed to your liking. Establish a healthy relationship with your contractor in which you feel comfortable asking questions about the process and stay informed every step of the way!

5. Wasting Space

Many people tend to overlook the accurate number of people who will regularly use the future pool and fill space that could have resulted in an outdoor kitchen or other better use of space. If you plan to host regular pool parties or have frequent large family gatherings, then a large pool is a way to go. However, if you have a smaller family and not many parties at your house, a smaller pool may benefit you more. Consult with a planning expert to ensure your use of available space is the most effective for the best outdoor experience.

6. Budgeting Incorrectly

Cheaper doesn’t always equal better in the case of pool construction. Pools are an investment, and you should go into your pool construction project with a reasonably accurate budget. Build a list of your priorities in a pool, budget out how much each aspect costs, and put aside that money for when it’s time to start construction. Make sure that you save more than what you expect to pay in case of any bumps along the road or any last-minute features you want to add to your pool. Not only will it prepare you for this investment, but it will alleviate that stress from your life.

7. Not Adding a Water Feature

In addition to giving a more luxurious experience, water features prevent the swimming pool water from becoming stagnant and smelly. They add movement to the water that provides a relaxing atmosphere while also keeping the pool healthy and clean. It’s a win-win for your guests and your pool. If you need some inspiration on what water features to add, check out our composed list of water features here.

Swimming pools are more than an outside feature. They’re a work of art, and they should be treated as such. Do your research, know what you want, and choose a contractor experienced and well-versed in what they do. At ASI, we’re committed to using our knowledge, expertise, and innovation to create unforgettable pools with unmatched quality. From pool windows to infinity edges, we make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to get the pool of your dreams, visit our website and get a free quote today.

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