Can’t-Miss Water Features

Are you looking for something to spruce up your place but don’t know exactly what it needs? Elevate the scale of your home or business by adding a beautiful, eye-catching water feature. Custom water features are an incredible way to make a statement, set the tone, and establish an unforgettable aesthetic. With so many water features to choose from, it can feel overwhelming – which is why we put together some of our favorite water features that will liven up any place!

Spherical Fountains

Water globes are a classic, bold statement to any location — business or residential. You can make them as big or as small as you want, depending on the space available. The bigger the sphere, the larger the statement and the more sophisticated your location will look. However, if you lack space for a water feature, a smaller size would be the better option. Not only are spherical fountains elegant, but they also provide a tranquil element to fit in any setting.


Make your water feature the main event by building a standalone centerpiece. An above-ground fountain creates a calming focal point for its surrounding area, especially when accompanied by larger shrubs and trees for balance. The fountain can be as large or as small as you feel necessary. Some people choose to have a small lake with a fountain in the middle, while others opt for an intricate, standalone water fountain. Whatever the case may be, your centrally-located water feature will surely grab the attention of all your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen with Surrounding Water

What’s better than an outdoor kitchen? How about an outdoor kitchen with a surrounding water feature? You can drastically elevate your backyard’s ambiance by adding either a pool, pond, lazy river, or stream around your outdoor kitchen! Some people have even incorporated a swim-up bar into their backyards. It gives their friends and family a more resort-type experience. If you don’t want to go the “luxurious” route, you can always choose a more relaxing option such as a surrounding stream or pond.

Staircase Waterfall

If you wish to take a more modern approach, the staircase waterfall is for you. You can have the waterfall stand on its own as a centerpiece, or you can incorporate it into the sides of your existing staircase. Incorporating some light features into the cascading, stair-stepped water heightens the elegance and sophistication of the area. This detail may appear small, but not many have it, so it’s sure to add a luxurious feel and spark up a conversation.

Water Wall

Incorporating an outdoor waterfall into a perpendicular wall is one of the most eye-catching custom water features you can have. It adds a unique style and flair to backyards, entrances, or even building lobbies. Its large and wide build grabs people’s attention, and the trickling water provides them with a calming sensation. Incorporating a bold water wall in your outdoor space demonstrates to others that you have style and confidence.

There are numerous styles and options for custom water features you can incorporate into any given area. Many businesses and homeowners tend to overlook water features only because no one talked about or offered the option. (For this very reason, you might feel more compelled to incorporate a water feature to stand out from the crowd!) If the idea of tackling a water feature project alone feels overwhelming or stressful, fret no more. We’re here to help. With ASI, you’ll have total clarity and peace of mind. Through consistent professionalism, innovative solutions, social responsibility, and unparalleled excellence, ASI promises world-class water features that will impress and entertain for a lifetime.

You could take a chance on a contractor with less experience and lower prices, risking missed deadlines, additional stress, or even a faulty product. Or you can trust the experts at ASI to fulfill your vision, provide a seamless process, and leave you with a meticulously crafted, statement-making water feature.

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