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    At American Sealants, Inc. we specialize in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of custom water features for zoos, aquariums, museums, swimming pools, fountains and unique specialty pieces around the world.

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Experience in the industry is crucial in the beginning of any project. Our team of designers will consult with your architect, interior designer or builder to lessen the feelings of overwhelm. With three decades of experience ASI's team knows success. From time efficiency to cost effectiveness we can help you avoid costly mistakes and missteps in execution. We will work closely with your team to sharpen and interpret blueprints and AutoCAD drawings as your vision grows from paper to physical.

Under Water Leak Repair

Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your work of art needs regular maintenance as well. Scratches and other damages from animals to people to Mother Nature are a sure way to ruin a masterpiece or just be a thorn in your side. Regular maintenance will support your project in looking like new and running like new. Call us today to schedule your maintenance. We specialize in refurbishing and removing scratches from your acrylic and glass viewing panels; repairing silicone seals, concrete tank leaks, deteriorating waterproofing and all over tank maintenance and cleaning. ASI's team will assist you in preserving the enjoyment and functionality of your creative achievement.

Silicone Repair

While our services cover various aspects and industries, when it comes to custom aquariums, exhibits and water features, ASI is the expert and an industry leader. Any shape, any size, any style, anywhere. When working with acrylic the design possibilities are endless. From 5,000 to over 5,000,000 gallons, and in nearly any shape: cylindrical (seamless), pyramidal, hexagonal, oval, U shaped, rectangular and any combination of these. Prior to the work beginning American Sealants derails problems that can often arise on a jobsite. ASI ensures that your project is on the right track before the work begins, creating value for you by saving time and money. Once a water project is complete a hydro-test is performed to ease your mind. We are there when you fill your tank to verify all is well and safeguard your project. Customer satisfaction is a priority to us and we ensure that the project is a success.


Proper waterproofing is the foundation for all sound structures, but don't fear if you find yourself with a waterproofing issue. ASI has a fully trained staff of professionals that can take care of all your waterproofing needs. Flexible Cementacious Coatings Two Part Epoxy Coatings Hydro-blasting Sand Blasting Cold Joint Repair High & Low Concrete Injection

Glass Removal and Install

Cracks in concrete are virtually impossible to avoid, even when concrete is poured and cured correctly. These cracks cannot be ignored and as any problematic situation the longer they are around the worse the problem becomes. We implement crack injection and cold joint repair to restore the soundness of the concrete.

Acrylic Install

Proper maintainance and care by your crew is an essential part of a successful exhibit, tank, pool and structure. We offer classes either in house or at your site to work with your crew to further the understanding and implementation of the correct procedures to make your project "come to life".

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