Concrete Waterproofing

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Concrete

By American Sealants / October 2, 2020 /

Cracks in concrete are virtually impossible to avoid. Even when concrete is poured and cured correctly, it will form imperfections over time. If ignored, these small cracks can quickly grow larger and become ten times as expensive to repair. It is essential to attack the problem before it gets to be a cost and time-consuming…

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FRP Tanks

5 Benefits of FRP Tanks

By American Sealants / September 4, 2020 /

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks

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custom pool

3 Ways to See if You Need Underwater Leak Repair

By American Sealants / August 7, 2020 /

Pools bring a great deal of enjoyment to life. Waterfalls and pools not only beautify properties, but they also provide relief from the heat, opportunities to exercise, and a great environment to relax and enjoy your friends and family. If you’re a pool person, once you have a pool, you wonder how you could ever…

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